About Acorn Treatment

Acorn Treatment and Housing (formally ADAS) has been a successful treatment provider for over 15 years.

Our first project, Oak House opened in Stockport in 1997 as a day centre offering treatment to individuals and their families affected by addiction. Since opening, we have treated thousands of drug & alcohol users and assisted them in achieving abstinence. Our family programme compliments primary treatment and helps relatives cope with the damage that has been caused by addiction. Acorn Treatment addresses the whole problem whilst recognising addiction as being primarily based in the mind. We have a team of highly trained counsellors offering a range of professional therapies.

Our Quasi-residential treatment programme operates with a strong emphasis upon community and family re-integration and our aim is to help all service users, their families and the wider community to repair the damage caused by active addiction.

Acorn prides itself in working with local agencies. We have strong links within the criminal justice system including Police, Probation and the Prison Service.

The innovative work we have provided to Prolific Offenders, has won National recognition and awards from cross party think tanks such as The Centre for Social Justice. Our work in providing joined-up treatment both in custody and out in the community has developed real treatment pathways and through-care for drug and alcohol misusing offenders.

We are particularly proud of our record of providing safe and secure accommodation to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. We achieve this through successful working partnerships with Registered Social Landlords and Housing Associations. Over the last 5 years approximately 80% of service users leaving residential treatment were provided with access to independent housing and all entered employment, training, or education.

Acorn is now the largest provider of quasi-residential treatment in the North West of England.