DEAP – Dependency, Emotional, Attachment Programme

DEAP is an abstinence based substance misuse treatment based around behavioural and emotional Change. The therapy includes elements of Psychodynamic therapy, Gestalt, CBT and RET and is split into 4 phases lasting between 12 and 20 weeks. It is only open to service users who are abstinent from drugs or alcohol and wish to continue an abstinent lifestyle.

DEAP is facilitated by qualified addiction Counsellors with many years of experience in working with addiction.

 The four phases of DEAP

Phase1 – Contemplation aims to help the client explore their ambivalence regarding their drug of choice and to reality test the positive beliefs they may hold for the substance and to recognise the negative consequences of their substance misuse. Phase 1 lasts 3 weeks. The intended outcome of phase 1 is that clients have a greater awareness of their patterns of behaviour and have started to recognise the potential for change.

Phase 2 – Preparing for action:

To reinforce motivation and reduce the possibility of relapse when the client is faced with change. Leading on from this rationale the clients are encouraged to challenge negative thoughts within group therapy.

Phase 3 – Taking Action

Self-management of thoughts feelings and behaviours. The rationale of phase 3 is to help clients address negative self thoughts and build self-confidence to take positive action regarding their goals. Working in partnership with Employment Training and Education agencies the client is able to put in place activities that will help them maintain long term recovery.

Phase 4 – Maintenance

The purpose of this phase is to continue the Recovery Journey by accessing support in the wider recovery Community. Behaviour change is a fundamental element of the D.E.A.P. program to which structured feedback groups focusing on negative self-defeating behaviours and positive behaviours are incorporated within a weekly structure. Complementing this, the client has 2 hours per week of personal development groups utilising Psychodrama techniques

On completion of DEAP, the recovery group will play an integral part in the client’s journey in recovery.

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